About Us
Founded in London, England, The Vintage Wall™ is the ultimate shopping destination for original 19th- and 20th-century decorative home decor.

Ever flicked through a glossy magazine and wished you could get your hands on the very items you saw in the pictures? Well, we have created a shopping experience in which you can do just that! The products scattered throughout our photos can be purchased at the tap of a finger!

An essential shopping alternative, The Vintage Wall is an escape not only from the seasonal trends of the high street, but also from the reproduction 'retro' wares that inundate today's market. We believe that nothing compares to the originality, warmth and timelessness of a true piece of vintage.

We are proud to be a regular supplier to leading commercial establishments and design studios, not to mention many a city and country home, where a passion for all things vintage and beautiful flourishes like never before!

All of our goods have a story to tell.
We hope that they will help in creating yours!
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